Firearms Training: Picking up the Automatic Pistol

Firearms training has become one of the most common self defense training classes of today. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute near Las Vegas has become the most popular firearms training academy in America. They currently train more students each year than all other shooting schools in America combined. Dr. Ignatius Piazza founded Front Sight in April of 1996. They provide firearms training and self defense training classes to any and all who are interested. One area that is covered by some of these classes offered by Front Sight is picking up a gun such as the automatic pistol. The automatic pistol has five basic steps in picking up the gun. (Disclaimer: These instructions are for example only and should not be used in replacement of actual firearms training or gun training. This is not a gun training document, and it is not intended as a substitute of an actual training course.)

Step one, is to ensure that the shooter picks up the gun in a safe manner. This is done by ensuring the shooter's trigger finger never touches the trigger, but instead stays on the side of the pistol. While picking up the pistol, the shooter must also keep the gun pointed towards the ground and away from other people.

Step two in handling the pistol is to ensure that the hammer is down. The hammer is located at the top rear of the gun. If the hammer is cocked, the shooter must release or lower the hammer by pulling the hammer back with his free thumb, squeezing the trigger with his trigger finger, and gently lowering the hammer to its resting position.

Step three involves ensuring proper removal of the magazine. To do this, the shooter should find and press the magazine release button with his spare hand. When released properly, the magazine will fall freely from the firearm.

Step four is to check if the firearm is loaded. While keeping his fingers away from the trigger, the shooter would grasp the slide of the pistol firmly with his free thumb and fingers and sliding pushing the slide back to its fully extended position. By doing this, any ammunition in the chamber should spring out, however the shooter needs to look into the chamber as well to ensure no bullets were left behind.

The final step involves the safety of the gun. With his free hand, the shooter should find the safety on the firearm and click it to the on position.

With these five steps properly executed, the shooter is sure to be able to handle his automatic pistol safely, thus demonstrating just one more factor of firearms training.


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