Front Sight Aims For Appealing to Gun Lovers

While it's not uncommon to hear of a particular community or area to appeal to a certain crowd or demographic, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has taken this 'specialty marketing' to a totally new level. Featured in the Chicago Tribune, amongst many other newspapers and periodicals, Front Sight will be the world's first and only luxury resort town based entirely around shooting ranges and firearms training equipment. The 550-acre gated community will include 177 custom homes and 350 condominiums, spread across one-half of the 550 acres. The other half will be filled with everything a gun user could dream of the for proper gun training.

Front Sight will feature 20 state-of-the-art shooting ranges, open twenty-four hours a day to students and residents alike. Front Sight will boast a 5-story urban/SWAT-tactics training tower, where stairwell and other indoor terrain shooting will be trained. In addition to this is a 1000-yard rifle range, hundreds of yards of underground storm drain tunnels for practicing search and rescue operations and an airstrip for flying VIPs, celebrities, politicians and Fortune 500 executives in and out of Front Sight discreetly.

Gun training is something which the founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza considers of the utmost importance. He feels he can't stress enough how important it is for all of America to receive firearms training that prepares them for the very real eventuality of being tge victim of a violent crime or armed assault, something he prays never happen to anyone who trains at Front Sight, but realizes is all too real a possibility.

Front Sight is a place where Americans can realize just how not scary firearms really are. With firearms training it is possible to realize that firearms are not only safe and effective tools, but in responsible, well-trained hands, they are also a lot of fun.