Handgun Training Available for Those Who Are Seeking It

Featured in a the Chicago Tribune for its innovative method in delivering firearms training, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers the world's finest gun training. Whether a student -- of any expertise -- is looking for handgun training, shotgun training or rifle training, Front Sight is the place to get it.

The innovative method in delivering firearms training is not so much a "how" as a "where". Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is currently a project located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, has a few ideas on how to turn his firearms training school into the largest such project in America. Simply, Dr. Piazza intends to turn Front Sight into a world class resort town. A gated community already in construction an hour's drive away from Las Vegas, Front Sight promises to become an even larger shooting school than it already is.

Currently, Front Sight is the largest firearms training school in the nation. Front Sight trains more students every year than all other shooting schools in America. And that includes not only handgun training, but also the world's finest rifle and shotgun training, available to anyone who can make the short trip from Las Vegas. The handgun training is what Front Sight focuses on most to many new students: defensive handgun training is something many Americans can see the appeal for.

In Dr. Piazza's eyes, if every American had defensive handgun training, accidental deaths, armed assault, even terrorist threats in major cities, would disappear. Front Sight's handgun training enables a person to not only fire a handgun accurately, but also to handle situations concerning handguns safely and responsibly. If such a thing were possible, wouldn't you want your children, wife, husband and neighbors to have it? A practical guarantee that their lives need never be at risk? What a life that would be.


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