Rifle Training

Rifle training, in our society today, although many believe it should not be necessary, it in fact is. Just as important as the need to seek the proper rifle training, the individuals who provide the rifle training is also essentially important. The reason for this is because a person who is being trained by someone else should be given the most accurate information and training possible, especially when receiving handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training or other forms of firearms training.

One of the highest regarded firearms training facilities available to the public is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight was started in April 1996 by a once simple gun enthusiast known as Dr. Ignatius Piazza. After a terrifying experience during a drive-by shooting in his neighborhood, Dr. Piazza trained with the worlds best firearms instructors and became a Four Weapons Combat Master and then decided to take what he knew about firearms, rifles included, and teach others his knowledge so that they may be able to protect themselves when in a threatening situation.

Today, Dr Ignatius Piazza is the founder of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute located outside of Las Vegas where individuals can live or vacation any time of the year. At Front Sight Resort, individuals are given access to shooting ranges and additional training. Mary Umberger, an author from the Chicago Tribune once quoted Dr. Ignatius as saying, "We're taking the idea or a Pebble Beach kind of golf resort and applying it to the firearms training industry and giving it a first-class, resort-quality facility."

Although the concept of the Front Sight Resort seems confusing to some, who else could possibly be more qualified to teach not only adults, but children as well, the safety and proper techniques used when handling a firearm such as a rifle, than Dr. Piazza and the professionals at Front Sight.


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