Self Defense Training: Using Your Mind

Self defense training does not always involve using a handgun, rifle, shotgun or other type of firearm. It also does not always require using one's hands, feet or legs. No matter what type of self defense training a person is interested in, they must remember the most important weapon of all…their mind.

The bad thing is that when asked, the majority of individuals, including professionals, will forget to state their mind as a weapon of self defense. However, without the mind, nothing else can be as effective as is possible as when the mind is in use. The popular firearms training institute Front Sight teaches individuals not only rifle training, shotgun training, and handgun training, but also how to use your mind to not only point out potential dangers and possibly avoid them and how to defend oneself while remaining calm and using your mind effectively. When a person panics, their mind becomes cloudy. They find it more difficult to defend themselves and forget techniques that they need to safely escape. Instead, a person should be thinking about the quickest and safest way to get away from an attacker. It has been said that some martial arts classes, although they teach very effective physical combat techniques, they train on how to react to an attacker as opposed to defeating or overcoming the actual attacker. When one uses his mind in an attack, that person can defend himself moments before an attacker enforces critical blows. The mind becomes the most powerful weapon a person has when it comes to self defense training.


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