"Shotgun Training Isn't Only Useful, It's Fun", Rave Students

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers firearms training in just about any field. From handgun training to rifle training, from submachine gun training to shotgun training, Front Sight delivers exactly what it promises: top-notch, fun, exciting firearms training that can't be rivaled anywhere. According to the Chicago Tribune, one of the many periodicals which interviewed Front Sight, the people who are interested and are attending Front Sight are doctors, attorneys, accountants, successful business owners, and upstanding, law-abiding citizens who are very successful. Which makes sense, doesn't it? Successful people want to be safe and keep what they have earned. Therefore, they receive firearms training in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Students who have attended not only defensive handgun training, but also shotgun training and rifle training from Front Sight have quite a lot to say about how wonderful the "Front Sight Experience" really is.

OUTSTANDING !!! After the 4-day Defensive Handgun Course, I now feel 110% more confident with my gun handling skills, marksmanship and safety.

- Jason Duncan, Gunsmith

Everyone who owns a handgun for self-defense should know the proper defensive handling of their weapon and how to use it to the best of their ability. Front Sight will definitely make you the best you can be.

- Michael Preskar, Oral Surgeon

Anyone who considers owning a gun for self-defense needs to take this training. Putting holes in paper at the range is only 10 percent of the task. Front Sight teaches the other 90 percent.

- Mark Hoffman, Psychologist/Actor

Some might consider firearms training unnecessary, especially rifle training or shotgun training. This couldn't be further from the truth. As if the Second Amendment isn't enough of an instruction to own and know how to use firearms responsibly, the fact of the matter is that the more one trains in something, the more responsible he is for it, and the less dangerous it is. If firearms scare you, if shotgun training intimidates you or if the idea of a rifle sends shivers down your spine, you need to visit Front Sight, they'll get you over it.


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